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Easy To Deploy

Requiring a minimum of setup and configuration to get up and running


Easy To Operate

Permits complex measurements and analysis conditions settings with simple user interface


Easy To Orchestrate

Provides the mean time to respond to incidents and helps unify operations

Our Expertise

Cyber Solutions For Business Challenges


Cyber Threat Intelligence

SIBERAT is a threat intelligence management solution that makes it easier to collect, share, and implement threat intelligence data. Platform is an advanced intelligence management solution…


Privileged Access

ASGER is a Next-Generation Security Platform with more secure access to RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC, WEB applications and Kubernetes services without an agent. Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process…


Layer 2 Tunneling

GATESUP is a VPN solution and allows to establish a certificate-based encrypted and secure Layer 2 connection and trunks multiple VLANs between branches. Link aggregation group (LAG) also is supported over multiple tunnels. This feature is a basic feature that distinguishes it from other solutions…


Captive Portal

KAPI offers businesses, organizations, and cities a highly reliable and scalable platform for managing Captive Portal and Guest WiFi. Platform enables easily customize captive portals to deliver unique and highly-targeted experiences to your visitors.



SMFA will provide an MFA solution that is based on zero-trust philosophy and utilizes a variety of authentication methods. 



SAAS module will offer some solutions as a service to enterprise customers

Get Easy and Fast Protection

To counter the sophistication of attackers and new threats, organizations often deploy a multitude of technologies and strategies. Cyber solutions we are developing reduce attacker time with early detection and derailment of in-network threats and built a new framework to cover all attack surfaces and methods of threats.

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We already gained Trustworthiness of Different Industries with consistently effort. We have completed major security projects in both IT and OT fields by taking advantage of our solutions.

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